A Global Community in Pursuit of Balance


This project started with a simple idea: to create a more balanced lifestyle for ourselves and our community. With this in mind we commited to a journey in which we'll bring you high quality products, making CBD accesible to a community aligned with our values.

The first time we ever bought CBD was after a family recommendation. It felt odd, even mysterious at the beginning, to not find any sort of advertising. We couldn't understand that a natural products with such potential could be hiding in plain sight. Our initial experience was so good that we wanted to share ir with our closest friends and family. Slowly we started name-dropping the product amongst our people in all sorts of occasions. We love all plant-based remedies and we understand there's a specific moment for each one of them. We know there's still a long road ahead for all CBD related products and the benefits they can bring to our everyday life.

 The closeness and openness we always had with our people and the good impact every message had in them played a major factor to kickstart this project and fight for the advocacy of hemp derived CBD and CBG. Personal experience and trust in nature are at the core of our business.

After endless conversations we noticed many similarities in how we saw the world. We've lived very demanding professions (music, fashion, events...) and always needed to be on top our game. We all found ways to balance our lives through meditation, healthy diet and all sorts of activities in nature. That healthy lifestyle approach brought us to CBD as key part of our everyday routines. We discovered a perfect product to balance our profesional life with life itself. Focus and creativity were enhanced increasing our productivity. Balance and peace of mind for our 'down-time'. Mental and physical recovery also got enhanced after long surfing sessions, hikes in nature or endless travels across the world. That was our starting point, the pursuit of balance, and CBD became a big contributor and part of our lives.

chica mirando al horizonte

Our Guiding Principles

  • We believe in a balanced lifestyle.
  • We believe in living life on our own terms.
  • We believe in a greener and more sustainable world.
  • We believe in nature as a healer.

Our Values



Artists, creators and doers all deal with high levels of pressure. The creative mind requires the right space for development and creation. La mente creativa necesita el espacio físico y mental adecuado para su correcto desarrollo y potenciar la creatividad.  


Yoga and mindfulness are part of our daily practices and a priority for achieving mental clarity and balance.


High intensity activities and the immersion in nature help us hack flow states and achieve a superior sense of wellbeing.

incienso y yoga

In the words of Gil Scott-Heron:
"the revolution will not be televised".
The green revolution is here.
Come join our community.