Thanks for your interest in our HEY CBD products

Changes in our terms due to COVID-19

For health and safety reasons no returns are available at the moment. 

Due to the special conditions generated by the COVID-19 pandemic we've temporarily halted all return opportunities. The main reason for this is that we cannot secure that the product that arrives back from customers hasn't been exposed or manipulated by individuals positive for COVID-19 and this we see ourselves forced to take this extraordinary measure. 

You can always reach out directly to to discuss your specific case and we'll make everything possible to solve every issue.


We understand that our customers can change their mind so don't worry, we will refund the total amount of your purchase until 15 days after receiving the products.

Return of CBD Products
You have up to 15 after receiving your order to return it to our offices.

We guarantee the refund of the total amount of your purchase using the same payment process used initially.

What's the state of the product in order to qualify for a refund?
All packaging must be sealed and not show any sign of manipulation. Bottle seal must be intact and no signs of wearing in any label must be visible. 

Shipping costs
You choose the shipping for your return and you must take care of the shipping cost to our offices.

Contact Us
If you decide to return a product please reach out to our team for any question or assistance.

Special Promotions
Return and refunds are not available in special promotions.