Inside the cannabis plants we find hundreds of natural compounds amongst which there a very special group called cannabinoids. CBD, short term for Cannabidiol, is one of those cannabinoids and, contrary to THC (another known cannabinoid), it has no psychoactive effects.

Cannabinoids interact with a series of neuroreceptors distributed amongst our body in what's called the endocannabinoid system. Many different studies have found the role of this system in a series of physiological processes such as antiinflamatory modulation, inmune system, apetite regulation, stress management or sleep cycles.

some people use CBD for a specific reason and other simply integrate is as part of their everyday routines to enhance inner balance and overall wellbeing.

CBD has shown many positive properties amongst which lots of studies highlight: 

  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Analgesic
  • Anxiolytic
  • Antibacterial
  • Antiemetic
  • Neuroprotective

CBD properties have shown big value in cosmetics. The antioxidant properties of CBD can help against skin aging caused by free radicals.
Besides, it's gaining popularity as treatment for inflamatory skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis and even acne, thanks to its antibacterian and anti-inflamatory properties.
Its anti-inflamatory and analgesic properties make CBD a great alternative to traditional pharmaceutical drugs. CBD is a natural substance allowed by major sport organization and more and more athletes are turning to it for injury treatment or to enhance muscle recovery.
Women allover the world hace discovered CBD for treating their PMS and thanks to being a secure compound and non-psychoactive, many patients with chronic pains such as arthrosis or fibromyalgia have incorporated into their everyday life. The anti-inflammatory capacities of CBD are at the core of many of its applications because inflammation is a very common response in several diseases such as neurodegenerative diseases. CBD is widely accepted as a complementary treatment to chemotherapy in cancer patients thanks to its analgesic and antiemetic properties and lots of studies support its use for epilepsy patients that don't respond to traditional drugs.
It's anxiolytic and relaxing properties translate into a wide range of benefits that support its usage to treat imbalances related to anxiety, stress, depression, bruxism or insomniaMost of these cases are somehow related to each other and they tend to appear in some sort of correlation, meaning that once one appears it can cause others to appear or get worse as they tend to cause an imbalance that has a network impact in our health and wellbeing. If we're more relaxed during the day, we sleep better at night and that translates into more wellbeing.

Some people use CBD for a specific reason and other simply integrate is as part of their everyday routines to enhance inner balance and overall wellbeing.

Some selected studies

In Spain (our home country), like in many european countries, CBD is legal and industrial hemp can be used as a cosmetic product. 'Only for external use' is the more standard use in country members of the European Union. Even though WHO insists in CBD not being addictive and shows no serious health risks and it's an allowed substance by World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), Spain only allows for topical usage.

As previously stated, topical use is the only regulated use of CBD in our home country (Spain). CBD oils in their different concentrations are chosen based on the degree of issues/circumstances to treat. High concentration is useful for pain and inflamation treatment such as injuries or muscle contractures. 

In other countries like Canada, USA or Switzerland, where the laws are more favorable for the cannabis industries, the most common use is sublingual. Applying a few oil drops under the tongue you can get the best of all the CBD effects.


Todos nuestros proveedores realizan análisis certificados de nuestros productos en origen para asegurar la legalidad y ausencia de metales pesados, pesticidas, hongos y demás sustancias nocivas. Una vez los lotes de producto llegan a nuestro centro logístico, cada lote es analizado de nuevo por un laboratorio independiente y así cotejar los resultados. No es que no nos fiemos de nuestros proveedores pero nos preocupamos mucho por nuestros clientes y consumidores y de esa forma aseguramos la calidad y legalidad de todos nuestros productos.

It's true that CBD oil and Hempseed oil are both extracted from the same plant but they come from very different parts. CBD is extracted mainly from hemp flowers and hempseed oil is extracted from... well... you guessed it, seeds.

CBD oil is rich in cannabidiol. Our oils come in 3 different concentrations (5%, 10% and 20%) and they're all made from high parts of the plant (flowers, leaves and stems). After a meticulous process of the green mass they follow a CO2 extraction method2, a method that respects all the properties of the plant and that has as a result a rich pure oil free of contaminants.

Once we hace the pure extract we add the extra virgin olive oil that will serve as a 'carrier' in the different variants of our CBD oil.

Hempseed oil on the contrary has very low to none CBD or cannabinoids in general, but of course has other properties that we will not cover here.

All our oils are THC free.

Lo recomendable es mantenerlos en un lugar fresco y oscuro, siempre alejados de la luz solar.

We recommend a life shelf of maximum 12 months after receiving the product. From that moment on, the main compounds might lose some properties.

In HEY CBD all our products are vegan-friendly and cruelty free.

We believe in the importance of growing hemp as a sustainable alternative to many products. Our principles push us to find sustainable processes from the seeds to the final products and all our products come from certified organic farming. We make sure no pesticides are used in the growing process and we trust our suppliers in all their preventive measures such us the use of bio-products and beneficial organisms to ensure a natural growth process.

We are constantly working to reduce our environmental impact derived of the life cycle of our products.